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Why Walmart’s Death Grip on Our Food System Is Intensifying Poverty

When Michelle Obama visited a Walmart in Springfield, Missouri, a few weeks ago to praise the company’s efforts to sell healthier food, she did not say why she chose a store in Springfield of all cities. But, in ways that Obama surely did not intend, it was a fitting choice. This Midwestern city provides a chilling look at where Walmart wants to take our food system.

How Walmart is Devouring the Food System (Infographic)

Walmart now captures $1 of every $4 Americans spend on groceries. It’s on track to claim one-third of food sales within five years. Here’s a look at how Walmart has dramatically altered the food system — triggering massive consolidation, driving down prices to farmers, and leaving more families struggling to afford healthy food. CONTINUE READING

Walmart Heirs Quietly Fund Walmart’s Environmental Allies

The staggeringly rich Waltons, who own half of Walmart and have a net worth equal to the bottom one-third of Americans combined, are using their family foundation to reshape the environmental movement. Now the second largest grant-maker in the country, the Walton Family Foundation, is steering large grants to organizations that work closely with Walmart, helping to build its green image and reinforcing the power of large corporations in our economy.