How Amazon Gained a Stranglehold over Online Shopping and the Future of Retail (Infographic)

This infographic tracks how Amazon bullied and swindled its way to becoming one of the most powerful retailers on the planet. On pace to be bigger than Walmart by decade’s end, Amazon already controls more than one-third of online shopping and is growing four times faster than e-commerce overall.

Walmart Heirs Quietly Fund Walmart’s Environmental Allies

The staggeringly rich Waltons, who own half of Walmart and have a net worth equal to the bottom one-third of Americans combined, are using their family foundation to reshape the environmental movement. Now the second largest grant-maker in the country, the Walton Family Foundation, is steering large grants to organizations that work closely with Walmart, helping to build its green image and reinforcing the power of large corporations in our economy.

Are Lightly Regulated States Really More Friendly to Small Businesses?

A new ranking of states based on “small business friendliness” gives low scores to those with more stringent environmental, labor, health & safety, and other regulations. The trouble with this analysis, however, is that many of the supposedly “unfriendly” states are actually home to much larger numbers of small businesses than the “friendly” states.