Stacy Mitchell is Co-Executive Director of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, a research and advocacy organization that challenges concentrated corporate power and works to build thriving, equitable communities. ILSR has been a pioneering leader in the growing anti-monopoly movement and has a long track record of working alongside grassroots groups to develop better alternatives, from community-owned broadband, to independent businesses, to distributed solar.  

Stacy has produced pivotal research and reporting on the policies driving the decline of small businesses and the economic and political consequences of monopoly power. In 2020, she was profiled by the New York Times for her analysis of Amazon’s power and her leadership in building a broad coalition to counter it. Her reports and articles about the tech giant have drawn a wide and influential readership. The House Judiciary Committee cited her research extensively in its “Investigation of Competition in Digital Markets.” In 2022, political strategy firm Baron named her an “Antitrust Super Influencer” for her role in shaping the policy debate.

Stacy has written for The Atlantic, New York Times, The Nation, Wall Street Journal, and many other outlets. She’s the author of the book Big-Box Swindle. Her paper, Antitrust and the Decline of America’s Independent Businesses,” was recognized in 2017 as part of the annual Jerry S. Cohen Award for Antitrust Scholarship.

Stacy’s perspective and research are frequently cited in national news media. She’s appeared in several documentaries, including FRONTLINE’s award-winning “Amazon Empire,” and on numerous national radio shows and podcasts, including NPR’s On The Media and Chris Hayes’ Why Is This Happening? She’s also a frequent speaker at conferences and in 2012 gave a popular TEDx talk on “Why We Can’t Shop Our Way to a Better Economy.”

As a strategist and advocate, Stacy has helped build coalitions and win campaigns for policies that level the playing field for independent businesses, curb corporate power, and strengthen communities.

In addition to her work at ILSR, Stacy serves on the board of the Maine Center for Economic Policy. She’s a graduate of Macalester College, where she trained as a historian. Stacy lives in Portland, Maine.